Saturday, February 27, 2010

It's Like We're Camping

Well, the flight went well. Mark slept for about 4 hours while I consoled Zoe for the entire flight. She did really well. So far today she has travelled by car, plane, escalator, shuttle, train and elevator (which mark will expound upon later). Since then we went to Target (twice), took a nice long nap, went to Kohls (unsuccessful except for shoes), Subway and tried to maneuver through Virginia with our GPS (thanks mom and dad). We set up our lovely blow-up mattress and I am kind of liking this whole minimalism thing although Zoe doesn't know where to hide so she just goes on top of the fridge in the corner. I think she will kill us in our sleep tonight.

Gate 15

We are sitting at gate 15 waiting to board our flight out of Oakland to Washington Dulles airport on Jetblue (yay for personal TV’s!). Zoe is sitting in her small kennel on the floor next to me. She’s been through a lot the past few days: went to the vet, moved out of Rancho Maderas, drove in the car up north, lived at my sister’s house with 2 other cats and a dog who is terrified of her and out for blood. We stopped at a parking lot before the airport and tried to stuff some tranquilizer down her throat to no avail, and then had to be removed from her kennel to pass through security… I think I need some tranquilizer.

We are headed in exactly 35 minutes to Washington, DC for an unspecified amount of time. I expected to feel very specific and strong emotions about leaving… normally when I am excited about something I want to squeal and when I am sad I cry but right now I just feel overwhelmingly neutral. Maybe they are cancelling each other out. Or my brain is just trying to stifle my anxiety until I get there.

Dear God, child please calm down and stop screaming bloody murder. This is going to be a long flight… we aren’t even on the plane yet.