Sunday, April 18, 2010

...long time, no see

Needless to say, working really takes up a lot of your free time, ya know? I will try to summarize the past few weeks (yikes) since Mark last updated our blog.

First of all. to start the month off right, Mark's and my second nephew was born on April Fool's Day!!! His sister had her third baby, Julian Ryan (?, not sure what they decided) Abris. The labor went well with no complications. The last pic is Joelle, our ina anak (god daughter) and I just thought it was hilarious.

Well, the weekend that Mark took all of the cherry blossom photos, I was in NYC attending the first weekend of my BASI Pilates Certification (matwork only) which went really well. The Monday after I got back, I started work! The first week I was there, I was at work from 6am until 8pm just about everyday. Because I only get paid when I actually HAVE a client and because I had maybe 3 clients the whole first week, I think I maxed out making about 47 cents/hour. WOOHOO, we are D.I.N.K.S. again. All in all, I like Vida Fitness. The first few days, only the guy trainers would talk to me but now I converse with 4 out of 5 girls (the last one acts as if I don't exist... are we in high school? Seriously?? Super weird...) I don't care though. I am getting busier AND I am even one of the top trainers in sales this month. One of my clients works at the White House so everyday I ask her if she talked to Obama that day. Another client is President of a law firm (wow), a third has a boyfriend who is a "federal agent", and yet another one helps bring refugees from third world countries to the USA. People have COOL jobs here. Haha! 

The National Portrait Gallery and American Arts Museum is directly across the street from my gym and I finally went over to check out the President's portraits the other day. Amazing!! Last weekend, we got to go to a Wizards game and hang out in the Vida Suite with some coworkers/managers and we had a great time hanging out with them. The Wizards kind of suck but we did get to enjoy a free meal at Capitol City Brewery (owned by same owner as VidaFitness). Normally I would receive 50% off for 4 people but since we were with management, it was FREE.

Chronologically, I am all over the place. Anyways, the weekend after I started work, my mommy came to town (Friday night). Dad came on Saturday night after a flight to Asia (yikes). While with them, we enjoyed some Cherry Blossom festivities. There were SOOOOO many people in DC that Saturday. Oh my goodness. It felt like we were at an amusement park on a summer day. We did get to go to the tidal basin and relax by the water enjoying the perfectly pink blooms. We went to Amsterdam Falafel (yum!) and the Cherry Blast for the "cool" people. Then on Easter Sunday I made a delicious brunch (if I do say so myself) and then headed out to Great Falls Park although it was so busy that we ended up enjoying a smaller hike off the beaten path that led to the Potomac River. In any case, the drive was pretty. Enjoyed some Tex Mex at Uncle Julio's Rio Grande in Ballston that night as well. 

My parents were here from Monday-Thursday and I was able to meet up with them every day at some point. We explored the Jefferson memorial for the first time and also saw the FDR Memorial which was really beautiful. Mom made us dinner that night and I wished she would stay and cook for us every night. On Tuesday, we went to the Holocaust Museum which was very heavy but we thought it was very well done. Strolled over to Dupont to catch up with Mark and ate lunch Circa at Dupont and then dessert at Firehook Bakery (best brownie ever!). After I went back to work, Mark and the 'rents went to a free show at the Millenium Stage at the Kennedy Center. There are free shows EVERY night at 6pm. I met up with them at The Gibson (a bar in the style of a prohibition era speakeasy). My drink had Hellfire bitters in it so it was actually spicy! Very peculiar but pretty good! 

Probably the highlight of the week though was finding out about the "secret cupcake". There is a place in Georgetown, Georgetown Cupcake, that posts the "secret cupcake" on Twitter and Facebook everyday and if you order it by name, it's free. One Wednesday, we walked across the Rosslyn bridge to Georgetown because we wanted to see the area. If you like shopping, you should go there. They have every "cool" store you could want. At any rate, we waited for the cupcake to be posted... and waited... and waited and then.... Toffee Crunch! We headed over and got our three free cupcakes which were DElish! Oh and yeah, we also got a Chocolate3 (cubed, I just can't do the superscript). 

Well, mom and dad left and we were sad :(

Last weekend, I finished my Pilates Cert and Mark entertained himself with Cherry Blossom parades and events. 

This weekend, we hung out with one of my coworkers and her husband. We met them in Alexandria at Mai Thai (yummy) and had a great time with new friends. They gave us even more recommendations of places to go and things to do! Our list is getting long. Mark got to play Ultimate Frisbee with Snack Pack Saturday morning. They lost but mostly because they were playing 6 people against 7! Last night, we met up with some friends' friends who just moved to Maryland about a month before we moved. We went to church at Ebenezers Coffeehouse and there were donkeys there!! A regular one and a mammoth donkey! Afterwards, we went to an amazing French restaurant, Bistro Cacao. The prices were reasonable and the food/atmosphere was wonderful. 

Well, I hope I can update the blog more frequently so it's not so long. I am sure I forgot so much stuff but you will just have to come visit so you can really get a feel for what it is like! 

Miss you!!


  1. Joelle looks like a Lakers Cheerleader. hahaha

  2. "A regular one and a mammoth donkey!"

    ...oh, you mean a horse.

  3. Wait, your gym owner also owns a brewery?

  4. Joelle is wearing Jaden's 12-month-old shirt (she's 3 1/2 years old!).

    You guys are always so busy...I'm so glad you made time to video chat with us (hehe)...even though Mark did fall asleep in the middle of it!

    I can't wait to visit you guys...hopefully next year :).

  5. Love the links!!! I have like 438094830 tabs open right now so I can look at everything!!! haha