Sunday, February 13, 2011

Birthday Week

Last week, my mom surprised me by coming out to visit (from Northern California, not just some short drive).  I knew my sister and Joelle were coming out to visit, but I didn't know my mom would be coming along with them too.  I love surprises so it was a very nice treat!  It was their first time in the DC area, so we did a lot of touristy things and took a lot of pictures.  During their visit, we saw some monuments & museums, but it was the conversations during meals, zumba, silly games, and quality down time that I enjoyed the most.  

It was just me and my girls for five days.  I'm so happy they made it out here.  Here are some picture highlights...


This was a nice start to my birthday week (we had too many "birthday" dinners).  They left late on Monday night and I miss them so much!  I'm so happy they came out to visit.

On Friday, we celebrated my 31st b-day with some friends in Old Town Alexandria.  We had dinner at BGR - The Burger Joint.  YUM, try to the Wellington, Ashley says! After that, we went to the Flying Fish for DJ Old School Dance night which turned out to be not so much dancing. We had a great time just hanging out. If you are ever looking for some great Karaoke though, go there on Saturday nights. Yeah!

Last night we started our Valentines Day celebration with an indoor wine and cheese picnic.  We also had olives, fig spread, salami and crackers....but best of all, we had made-from-scratch carrot cake (Thanks, Ashley)!  Yummmm....

Overall, a wonderful birthday week!


  1. Those pictures can circulate 1000X, and I still love seeing them each time :). Glad you enjoyed your birthday week :). Miss you!

  2. That pic of Ash and Joelle looking at out at the Mall and Washington awesome. Looks like you had a great time celebrating your b-day!