Friday, May 28, 2010

A Day in the Life

4:48am - First alarm goes off... snooze
4:53am - Second alarm goes off... hop out of bed!!
By 5:15 sharp, I am out the door and on my way to the metro. It's usually still dark at this time so I have to watch my back! Ya never know who is lurking around in dark corners. My mom would be proud.
After hearing the morning announcement from the loudspeaker, I get on the second orange line train of the day at about 5:25 or 5:26 exactly and begin to see some of the same people everyday. First is the lady who always has about 25 newspapers stuffed into her bag and sometimes she is bopping to her ipod. She's an awkward specimen. Next, Lady-Wearing-Suit-Tennis-Shoes-and-Ponytail gets on at about the 3 stop in and always stands near the door. As I arrive at Metro Center (one stop away from my gym) I exit the train and several paths quickly converge to the escalator where I spot Blind-Lady-With-Cane and I try not to cut her off as she gets on the right side of the elevator, me on the left. And upon arriving at the train stop for the red line train, I see my favorite: Santa-Claus-crossed-with-Colonel-Sanders with a white beard and a cream colored bucket hat. Sometimes I actually skip the red line and walk to work. This is what it usually looks like.

I enter the gym greeted by Clint, my favorite front desk person. Training ensues. Here are some pictures of me with my boss, Lisa and my filipino coworker, George.

The view from the top floor is nice of the Smithsonian Museum.

Work, work, work. Sometimes I get to go home during my morning or afternoon break. Depends on the day. I recently went to meet some people at a Physical Therapy clinic and the White House was on the way.

I take the metro back home at night. Here are some other things I was able to take pictures of that I thought were funny or cute.

When I arrive back at my stop, I walk back to the apartment but this time I can sneak through the market (it's not open at 5:15am) and I pass by the video store with the CUTE kitty inside.

Video Store (above); market (below)

Back at home, at last. Go to bed by 9:30 to be ready for the next day.



  1. Is that Mark getting Ice Cream? HUN.......PULEEEEEEEEASE!

  2. Thanks for sharing, Ash! I love reading your blog! Oh, and my mom is very impressed with it too and how much you guys have been exploring out there! - Kate