Friday, May 28, 2010


NOTE: There are two entries... so don't forget to read the one after this one :)

Last Friday, we went to a restaurant called Willow which was delicious!! We ordered the mussels which I have never had before. Apparently, Mark had them all the time in the Philippines.. who knew? But they were SO good. I knew I would probably think they were fine but I didn't think I would LOVE them. YUM!
I ordered the duck... the lady asked me how I would like it cooked. I thought it was like chicken and they just cook it all the way. Anyways, it came out a little to undercooked but I ate it anyway. The flavor was amazing but the duck was a little chewy. Note: order duck medium or medium well. Here are the sad remains... doesn't look very appetizing but it was!
Saturday morning, Mark and I got to go to his first frisbee tournament (Day 1) with Snack Pack. They needed girls so I brought my cleats JUST IN CASE! They lost the first game :( because they got off to a bad start. The second game, they won and the third game I got to play!! It was SO fun. I am really glad they let me play. Dr. Nick, our friend from OC who introduced us to the Snacks was even visiting for two weeks so we got to play with him too!! Everyone on the team was really nice and afterwards Mark was ecstatic when someone mentioned Chipotle (an Orange County tradition every saturday for 3-4 years). 

Above: notice "Bugs" look-alike (and sound-alike) in 20 years

Small child in the huddle; he did not play
Us with Dr. Nick

The Team (well most of them)

Mark is so happy. He has his Chipotle, his wife, friends and frisbee. Life can't get much better for him here :)

AND NOW, we are leaving for Spain on Sunday for two weeks. We will be going to Barcelona, San Sebastian, Madrid and Granada. I am not sure if we will have time to post while we are there but there will definitely be pictures when we get back. Adios!!


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  1. Have fun in Spain! Can't wait to hear all about it!