Thursday, May 13, 2010

...the rest.

So, I didn't get to finish up with last weekend in my last entry so this will be a shorter one.

On Friday night, Mark and I got to meet up with Van, a girl that he has known since 6th grade! She lives a bit south of us with her hubby Eric and they recently got married after winning a $100,000 dream wedding from US Weekly. WOW! Anyways, we met up in Shirlington at an Indian restaurant, Aroma, which was yummy! Down the street there was a place called CakeLove (my heaven) but it was CLOSED after dinner. We will have to go back and visit for a cupcake. We also stopped by The Curious Grape (a wine store). We tasted a Spanish wine and then bought a couple of bottles so that we can prepare for our trip in June!! Yippee.

On Saturday, I went and took a Pilates class and then trained a couple of people. But afterwards I finally got to meet up with Mark and his frisbee team, Snackpack. I met the guys (and girls) and I was glad to see Mark enjoying his first love. I walked from work to the Polo Fields by the FDR Memorial which was about 2 miles but it was a beautiful day and I got to enjoy all of the major sites during my walk. I don't want to take for granted where we are but sometimes I have to remind myself.

Later that night, we headed down to Alexandria to a friend's house for Paella, wine and conversation. It was SOOO windy as we walked from the metro to the apartment... ugh! So, again we prepared for Spain as we ate dinner and drank some Spanish wine. We stayed up late and had a great time with our new friends!!

Sunday we went to church right across the street. Loved it! The rest of the day we got to chillax and just enjoy the weekend before it was over.

Ok, and here is a picture of Julia after she tried for SO long to crawl... she was tooo tired!

More updates soon. I will try to be better so they aren't novels anymore.


  1. This is very entertaining. You guys are really awesome.

  2. oh no! does that link mean you watched the boxing video?!?!

    good seeing you guys last week! lets do it again soon! =)