Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Day to Day

As I wait for Mark to get home, I guess I will fill you in on what has been happening the past couple of days. On Tuesday and Wednesday, I took class (dance) at The Dance Place in DC. The first day, it took me an hour by metro because I missed the first train and had to wait 15 minutes and once I got to my stop I went back and forth trying to figure out where to go (this is where an iphone would come in very handy... I guess I will have to use my brain and trial and error instead). The metro was SO crowded when I first got on but once we got into DC, people started getting out. Today wasn't nearly as bad as Tuesday. Boy, I can't wait until the summer :(  To get to the studio, I have to take about 7 stops into town, transfer to the red line and then take about 6 stops towards Maryland. I always pretend to be super nonchalant like I do this everyday so that people don't think I am a newbie. 

The people are actually pretty friendly and several have said hi to me on the metro which I didn't expect. One girl today asked me if I dance and asked me a few questions as we were leaving the station... and then I thought, "oh shoot, I bet she is just trying to distract me so that her friend can pickpocket me". I checked my backpack and everything was still there. Haha.

The dance classes were great. The other dancers were so nice and friendly and they said they would help me "find a home". I am going to try out a place called Joy of Motion (cheesy name but supposedly good) and CityCenter Strathmore to see what other classes I can find. I also searched for "most expensive gyms in DC" on google to find some of the high end gyms in the area. Now we just need to get connected with a good frisbee game :)

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  1. I miss you. Good for you for getting out there to these classes right away! Very brave, Ash! How's Mark's transition into the new job going?