Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I don't have a lot of pictures right now of our last week of fun. Please send me pictures if you have some from this weekend :)

On Saturday, Mark and I woke up early, grabbed our "luggage" (aka back packs), hopped on the Orange line to Metro Center & caught the BoltBus DC to NY. Fortunately, we had Mark's iPhone and we were able to show the driver our confirmation email since I forgot to print it out ahead of time. Oops. The bus was nice, plug-ins and WIFI although Mark and I didn't get to sit together because we had to wait to the end of the line because of said confirmation problems. After a four hour ride, we were dropped off somewhere in the middle of downtown and we both felt like deer in the headlights as we stood on the corner trying to figure out where the heck we were. After probably 30 minutes, we eventually figured out how to maneuver the spiderweb of subway trains to get to Brooklyn. By this point, we were starving and my laptop was beginning to weigh me down more than I could stand. We arrived in beautiful Brooklyn (not the nice part) and had to walk several blocks to our BEAUTIFUL (sense the sarcasm) HIE (aka Holiday Inn Express) to which Mark said, "Next time, I will book the hotel". Thanks a lot Priceline

Finally, we made it back into the city. We visited Tarik and Drea's hotel (The Standard) which was AH-MAZING, found a pizza place that wasn't amazing and therefore warrants no hyperlink and watched Backhausdance at the Joyce Soho. We had plans to visit Ippudo and Lombardi's (first pizza place in NYC) neither of which panned out. We stayed up late walking around in the freezing cold with friends and caught a cab (a black one which apparently you aren't supposed to take, but it was fine) back to Brooklyn. 

I love New York but as we spent some time there, I began to appreciate a few things about DC:
  • the subways are clean
  • the subways are not a convoluted mess of lines, numbers, colors, etc.
  • a "block" in DC generally isn't a mile long
So this week I had a job interview with Vida Fitness as a master trainer and I got the job if I want it. We'll see. Yesterday, I met up with Tarik and Drea at the American History Museum, highlights: enormous, very old, Star Spangled Banner & George Washington statue. We then visited the Natural History Museum which was AWESOME but we only got to see the gems/stones area and the insects/butterflies. I have to go back!! Last night we went to the Gibson, an amazing lounge with old-fashioned cocktails, sours, fizzes, etc. and then we went to the POV bar at the W Hotel with an amazing view of the monuments. 

AND lastly, today I showed up technically both one day late AND one day early for the same interview at a dance studio. Major miscommunication... don't ask. But I took the Metrobus for the first time and it was successful. Tonight Mark is in Charlotte, NC for a meeting and I am ALL alone. 

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  1. Ok.. I have a suggestion... You guys are in DC now.. you need to be more formal! How about instead of Mark and I did this, or Ashley did that.. it's Mr. Rickman did this or Mrs. Rickman did that. Now we're on to something!