Thursday, March 4, 2010

Marshley#2 Joins the Blog Parade.

Well, we've been here 6 days now and everything's gone pretty smoothly so far. Ashley talked about the movers on Monday. That was fun. We were trying to unpack the boxes as quickly as they were bringing them up. They were much faster than we were, but I'm really glad we did that because now we're pretty much unpacked. We only have two boxes with our computer stuff left because we have no desk yet. All in all the move was successful except for one broken glass and our now non-functioning TV (I'm kinda happy about the last one because I've been begging for a flat screen for about two years now! Woohoo!)

I started work on Tuesday and everything's great so far! I spent the first two days unpacking the boxes I sent over from my OC office and meeting and greeting all of my co-workers who are all very nice. Today was my favorite day so far. I started out bright and early...left the house at 6:10AM and met my Region President (George) to carpool to The City (DC). He's the guy that told me I needed a dark suit, white french cuffed shirts and cuff links every time I go into the city, but he was wearing a powder blue shirt and no cufflinks!!! He said he was at the end of his line of white shirts. Likely story. Anyway, he gave me a great tour of the city before we visited four of our branches which I thoroughly enjoyed and learned a lot from. After that we ate lunch right across the street from the White House at the Hay Adams Hotel...AMAZING! As we were eating, he said, "that lady that just walked out is so-and-so Rockefeller, wife of David Rockefeller...grandson of John D. Rockefeller."

Overall, Ashley and I are settling in quite nicely. I'm excited about our BoltBus trip to New York this weekend to see BackhausDance perform at the Joyce SoHo. I'm also really excited about finally getting to explore this town. Sometimes I can't believe we're really here.


  1. Lunch across from the White House during your first week on the job? Classy stuff. I'm excited for you guys to explore DC, it has so much to offer (and it's not like I know that much since I've only been there twice).Love you guys!

  2. Ha, you fell for the old white french cuffed shirts and a dak suit trick! Oldest one in the book.


    But more seriously, one week in and you're already moving in the same circles as the Rockefellers? How long until they're naming an "Abinales Rickman Hall" at Chapman?