Sunday, March 14, 2010

First Full Weekend in DC

Friday night:
Put together our desk... well most of it. We finished putting it together on Saturday morning.

Finished desk and unpacked some more stuff.
Took the metro into the city to eat at The Mitsitam Native Foods Cafe. The food was just fine. It was basically a food court in the American Indian Museum. Probably wouldn't go back to the cafe. 
Went to the Air and Space Museum but only got to see a few exhibits before we had to head back home to get ready for Mark's work recognition event, Candlelight and Silver. The event was at The Riverbend Golf and Country Club in Great Falls, VA. This area has the most expensive mansions on acres and acres of land. These houses were INCREDIBLE, enormous and beautiful. Just ridiculously extravagant. 
I got to meet Mark's Region President and coworkers and everyone was really nice. 
When we got home, we crashed.

Daylight savings!! Had to adjust yet again to a time difference even though it was only an hour. 
We woke up and went to church across the street at the Regal Cinema (that's right, a movie theatre) at the Ballston Common Mall... National Community Church. The service was great and we met some nice people. They passed around the popcorn bucket for the "offering" and we got our newcomers welcome boxes as seen in the picture. We both really liked it and will definitely go back next week. 
We then went into the city to see the St. Patrick's Day parade but missed it so we went to the Natural History Museum instead. We only got to see the mammal's exhibit before we had to head to the Harman Center for the Arts to see CityDance perform (performance included two Paul Taylor pieces). Next we met up with Mark's friend Mary from Chapman for some Tea at Teaism at Penn Quarter, blocks away from the Capitol. Although we only had drinks, it looked like they had some good food including breakfast/brunch... yum!! We headed to dinner at Matchbox, Vintage Pizza Bistro which had some unique beers on tap and unique pizza selections. Mary gave us a list of good recommendations that we are going to try and check out over the next few weeks! Can't wait to explore some more.


  1. And Mark missed the Jeepers Keepers draft, dooming the legion of doom!

  2. Yeah, Great Falls is ridiculous.